Guardianship Ethics in Practice Training Participant Guide

Handout to be used during and after our “Guardianship Ethics in Practice” 3-hour virtual instructor-led training. This useful document identifies 3 categories of ethics and clearly defines the code of conduct for each. Examples and case stories help clarify how guardians and conservators are expected to make ethical decisions and then document them for future reference.

21 Ethical Standards Job Aid

Infographic card reminds Guardians about the code of conduct for “client advocacy,” “medical decision-making,” and “business and finance decisions.”

Skills Assessment Job Aid

Effective Guardians observe clients’ skills and actions in order to understand where autonomy is possible or where immediate help is required. This document breaks adult living skills and procedures into six useful categories. Use it to document what you observe and notate urgent actions you need to take to ensure someone’s safety and comfort.

Contact Notes Job Aid

Every contact with an individual under guardianship provides a chance to learn more about the person’s skills, needs, and situation. This important information must be documented and provided to the Massachusetts Family and Probate Court in 60-Day Care Plan and Annual Care Plan Reports. Use this form to notate what you observe, discuss and take action on.

Guardianship Face Sheet + Contact Record

Accurate, thorough documentation is essential to successful Guardianship. This job aid provides a single file where Guardians can organize important facts about an individual’s current situation, history, and needs.

Medical Decision-Making for Informed Consent Job Aid

What goes into making an informed decision about medical treatment for an individual under guardianship? This downloadable job aid prompts Guardians to investigate thoroughly and document accurately as you determine whether or not to give informed consent.

Steps to Become Guardian of Adult in MA

Detailed checklist helps prospective Guardians remember the steps they must take and documents they must compile in order to become Guardian of an adult in MA. Downloadable and fillable file created for you by The Center for Guardianship Excellence.