Guardianship Ethics in Practice 08-04-22 1-4 PM EST

Course Description

Guardianship Ethics in Practice teaches professional and family guardians how to make decisions that are good for the person under guardianship and for the guardian or conservator. Built on the principles outlined by The National Guardianship Association, this training shows practical ways to apply 3 categories of ethical principles.

Participants will learn:
1) How making specific ethical decisions can protect your clients and yourself
2) Precise ethical principles that govern guardianship and what they mean
3) Ways to apply medical, business, and personal ethics to real-world guardianship challenges

Course Content

  • Guardianship Ethics in Practice 08-04-22 1-4 PM EST
  • 21 Ethical Principles Job Aid
  • Guardianship Ethics in Practice Participant Guide
  • 6 Box Professional Q + A for Ethical Decision-Making