Understanding Guardianship

Course Description

Dr. Heather Connors, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Center for Guardianship Excellence will be giving an overview of guardianship, best practices, and alternatives.
Professionals in the fields of aging, disability, and mental health services view guardianship in many different ways. This presentation shares a fresh, practical approach to helping individuals improve their lives with a personally tailored balance of guardianship, alternatives to guardianship, social services support, family care, and human rights.

Participants will learn how guardians are appointed, standards for guardian decision-making, training and services for families and new guardians, and best practices for collaborating with guardians to drive needed outcomes.

Course Content

  • June Presentation
  • Guardianship Terms & Definitions
  • 8 Categories of Human Rights.pdf
  • Questions List Handout.pdf
  • Request to Provide Information to the court