Research Collaborators

VA Boston

VA Boston Healthcare has one of the largest and most active research programs in VA nationwide.

Boston VA Research Institute

The Boston VA Research Institute, Inc. (BVARI) is a VA-affiliated Non-Profit Research Corporation (NPC) established in 1990 to support biomedical research and education within the VA Boston Healthcare System.

UMass Donahue Institute

The work of The Donahue Institute covers a broad spectrum of methods and a range of subject areas. Routinely contracting with government agencies, school districts, community organizations, businesses, philanthropic foundations, and non-profit agencies they conduct research that informs strategic decision making, while also helping clients assess the impact of their programs and meet accountability requirements.

Public Guardian Services

Public Guardian Services is a pilot project in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, providing guardianship and conservatorship services to Massachusetts residents in Suffolk and Plymouth Counties. We serve as a guardian, conservator, or other fiduciary of last resort for those who are decisionally impaired and who have no other suitable person available to assist. Their…

Guardian Community Trust, Inc.

Guardian Community Trust is a Massachusetts non-profit organization that provides Disability Trust services for over 700 disabled individuals in Massachusetts who is also a leader in developing public and private infrastructure statewide for research, training, oversight, and delivery of high-quality decisional support services, especially for isolated and indigent persons who are not served by existing fiduciary systems. With a team…

Massachusetts Guardianship Policy Institute

The Massachusetts Guardianship Policy Institute is a collaboration of non-profit organizations and private stakeholders who work to inspire policy change and social justice for adults with decisional support needs in Massachusetts.