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We are pleased to announce that the Guardianship Academy is now
The Center for Guardianship Excellence. The Center will continue the Academy's work of educating and training guardians and will now conduct groundbreaking research on all areas of decisional support.

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The Center for Guardianship Excellence conducts research surrounding guardianship issues, while also continuing the Academy's mission of providing accessible education, training and support to guardians, volunteers, family, and those in need of decisional support and advance directives.

We offer education and training on guardianship, plus events and lectures on other topics covered under guardianship. Our programs are offered both live and prerecorded making them accessible to you.

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Collaborating with some of the top research institutes in the state, our groundbreaking research uncovers the reality of guardianship and leads our team in creating programs to better support guardians and those in need of decisional aid.


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