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Steps to Become Guardian of Adult in MA

Detailed checklist helps prospective Guardians remember the steps they must take and documents they must compile in order to become Guardian of an adult in MA. Downloadable and fillable file created for you by The Center for Guardianship Excellence.

25 Guardianship Standards from NGA

One-page job aid can be printed and used to remind Guardians about the ethical principles the National Guardianship Association promotes. The Center for Guardianship Excellence has organized the standards into 4 easy-to-understand categories: Advocate for Individuals Under Guardianship, Make Thorough Decisions, Inform and Support the Court, and Uphold Professional + Business Ethics.

Rights of Individuals Under Guardianship

Single-page job aid can be printed and given to individuals under guardianship to reassure them that their rights are not being taken away. This document reminds Guardians to advocate and support the people they are assigned to help.

Lesson 4 – Urgent Temporary Guardianships

Urgent Temporary Guardianships Emergency situations are handled in Massachusetts using The Verified Motion for Temporary (90-day) Guardianship. This 15-minute training explains typical situations demanding immediate action. It reviews the forms used to schedule a hearing in days instead of months. The case stories of Lisa and Jack help clarify two different, but similar procedures. At the end of this training,...

Lesson 5 – The Rights of Individuals Under Guardianship

The Rights of Individuals Under Guardianship In this 15-minute training we take on an extraordinarily important topic in the world of guardianship for adults. What are the legal rights of this human being who the probate and family court has placed under your guardianship? And, how do we, as guardians, protect and advocate for the people whose lives have been...

Lesson 3 – How to Become Someone’s Guardian

“How To Become Someone’s Guardian” reviews the process of becoming guardian of an adult-in Massachusetts from petition to decree. This 30-minute lesson is narrated by “Greta” a case story family guardian. Her insights and notes help clarify a complex legal process. At the end of this action-packed training you will know about the documentation needed to petition for guardianship and...

Lesson 2 – Types of Guardianship

“Types of Guardianship” explains the difference between Guardianship and Conservatorship. It teaches when and how temporary, permanent, partial, plenary, co-guardians, and successors are used to assist incapacitated adults. Four case stories help clarify how different one guardianship can be from another. At the end of this 15-minute training, you will be able to explain subtle differences between the types of...

Understanding Guardianship

Dr. Heather Connors, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Center for Guardianship Excellence will be giving an overview of guardianship, best practices, and alternatives. Professionals in the fields of aging, disability, and mental health services view guardianship in many different ways. This presentation shares a fresh, practical approach to helping individuals improve their lives with a personally tailored balance of guardianship,...

Lesson 1 – What is Guardianship?

What is Guardianship? Guardians are appointed by Probate + Family Court to serve the needs of adults who are unable to make all of their decisions autonomously. This brief training program introduces the key terms and concepts you need to know in order to understand what guardians do, and what guardians should not do. At the end of this training,...